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Keeping your home, office and work space clean, comfortable, and attractive requires ongoing maintenance. Foot traffic, pets, and mean that carpeting, area rugs and tiled surfaces collect more dirt, hair, crumbs, allergens, stains and spills than any other surface.

Over time, just vacuuming and sweeping alone are not sufficient to remove spills, stubborn stains, worn-in dirt, or embedded debris.

The secret to CRB´s EZ Carpet Renovator is the special brush design and the advanced chemistry of our general, stain and spot cleaners working together in perfect harmony.

CRB´s EZ Carpet Renovator combines the best cleaning features into a single versatile, effective and yet super-efficient and handy cleaning tool.

  • Sturdy, adjustable handle allows the user to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operating position.
  • Extremely light weight and easy to store
  • Radial curvature of the brush allows uniform distribution of the cleaning chemicals.
  • CRB´s EZ carpet renovator is durable and has a retractable and extendable handle for easy storage that assembles and disassembles in no time at all.
  • Save time & money and see fantastic results; compare to paying a professional cleaning company or simply use it for your professional business to have with you on the job.


CRB´s RTU general spotter, enzyme spotter and red stain removal spotter use a Hydrogen Based – Advanced Encapsulating Cleaning Formula Used by the Professionals and will compliment any cleaning job at task.

  • Safe to use on all area, throw, sectional, and oriental rugs, as well as carpeted areas.
  • Leaves zero sticky residue or overpowering odor, keeping your carpet looking cleaner longer every time.
  • Great for homes, offices and professional places with pets that stay in certain areas and spaces for extended periods of time; unique hydrogen-based encapsulation formula revitalizes the area for a fresh look and smell. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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