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Here at CRB Cleaning Systems we strive to make continuous changes and upgrades to our machines. This is to ensure that we are offering the best product that we possibly can to our loyal and valued customers.

We offer two CRB cleaning machines in the TM4 15″ and the TM5 20″ machine. Our most popular machine is the TM4 as our users love its versatility when having to deal with small and large areas.  Our machines have many different functions and capabilities that separate from other industry machines.

All of our machines are low-moisture and clean carpet and hard surfaces which ensures our line is one of the most environmentally friendly ones on the market. We value the importance of our customer and the industry needs.

That is why we have made three substantial upgrades to our machines that will promote and ensure better durability, function, and handling for our users.

Upgrades to the Gears

The gears are always a very important part of our machine that we value and look to always improve. In our last improvements, we changed the assembly part of our gears. We have now made it a focus to improve the quality of our gears.CRB machine gears

We have inserted and used a super material to make our gears overall more efficient. This new material has increased the durability of the gears by an estimated four times more than the previous version.

Also, these gears are will make your machine more efficient, paired with being more durable. This will give you a CRB machine that will last you longer and saving you money in the long term.

Trolley Tray Improvements

Our second big upgrade to our CRB machine has to do with the convenience of our trolley trays. The trolley tray can undergo a lot of pressure in the use of a CRB machine if not maintained properly. You can see a visual of the upgrade below in order to see the significant change.

CRB machine tray

New upgraded trolley tray

As you can see with the photo above,  the trolley tray is much sturdier and made of better quality. We strengthened the part at the end with the hole in order to ensure it is more durable and receives better support.

In this change, we used a stainless bar to make the improvement. Beforehand, we did not have the stainless steel bar that went through the item. The stainless steel will allow the trolley tray to perform better, and will go a long way in the overall longevity and use of our CRB machines.

The Bearing Protective Plate

The final big upgrade that we have made to our CRB machines relates to the bearing protective plate. It’s important to have as durable and sturdy bearings on the protective plate. This is to ensure longevity for this part of the machine.

We changed the screws into a higher quality stainless steel which will increase durability to this part of the machine. In addition, the bearings now have a V-ring in order for it to be even more protected.

You can see the visual changes in the video below.

This change to the bearing protective plate will give the machine more protection and also increase durability. It will also be able to support higher impact work.

CRB Machine Upgrades

These upgrades that we have implemented will continue to enhance our machines. We are looking forward to seeing how these changes positively impact CRB cleaning world.

Over the course of the last year, we have worked hard to make positive changes to the machine. We make our best efforts to listen to customer feedback and make adjustments accordingly to the machine.

These changes will continue to improve our machine in durability, efficiency, and productivity. Of course, there still needs to be proper education and the machines need to be taken care of.

You can find additional CRB machine tips and industry information over in our blog section on our website.

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Here at CRB Cleaning Systems we strive to work for and with our clients. We are always open to listening to customer feedback and hope to make the necessary changes to make our clients happy.

In addition to the machine upgrades, we are looking forward to being more active on our social media Facebook page, and look to expand our group. We will be having some announcements in the coming days and weeks so give us a like and a follow to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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