In CRB Cleaning Systems we’re aware of the current world situation of coronavirus, so we recall some recommendations for all of those who continue to offer their cleaning services, who can always take preventive measures to protect their safety and of others:


Wash your hands

With soap and water at all times when having direct contact with surfaces, in case you don’t have soap and water, use a disinfecting gel: It has virulent capacities, it is different from an antibacterial gel that has bacterial properties.

Make sure you have a minimum of 70% alcohol. To work against viruses, the product must hold ethanol. Don’t opt for those visibly striking but less effective presentations. In this video, you can see how to handwash with soap and water correctly.


Wearing gloves throughout!

It is the most important barrier protection. and here’s a useful video that shows how to use and take off properly.




Always wear masks

To ward off infection, (remember that masks have a time-life up to 2-4 hours) here’s a video about what’s the proper way to wear it! 

Ensure that the exposed work clothes or protective equipment don’t contaminate other clothes or the home itself, separate it, wash it separately, dry it highly at the sun and store it in places that don’t contain other clothes. The coronavirus doesn’t survive high temperatures.


Use appropriate cleaners

The virus can survive on a surface for several hours to a few days. For surfaces such as carpeted floors, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces. In our products section, you can find all our eco-friendly variety and we especially recommend our Ultra Pro – Encapsulation & Pre-Spray.

Remember that taking the necessary measures will help protect you and avoid infections.



We know that this is a challenging time, in the face of this global emergency, the only matter we can do is working together. As expressed by Caitlin Rivers, an Epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Washington Post:

It is possible, even most likely, that after the cases in the United States peak, Americans will still have to maintain some measures, such as isolating the infected, washing their hands constantly, some degree of social distancing, until a viable vaccine is developed, which could take 12 to 18 months.


Take preventive measures:

  • Keep calm.
  • Follow the necessary security measures.
  • Don’t share unverified information.
  • Resort to sources, official organisms and local authorities.



Here are the organizations you can turn to for updated information:

  • The Washington Post: offers free coronavirus coverage so readers have access to important coronavirus information, news, live updates, and you can subscribe to their updates newsletter, so you miss it nothing.
  • The New York Times: Registered readers can access updates to coronavirus
  • World Health Organization (WHO): forthright and trustworthy information about the development of the pandemic.
  • The president’s coronavirus guidelines for America.
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


World Health Organization (WHO).

Washington Post.

UMIVALE: Guide to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases by exposure to biological agents.


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