Things not to do with your CRB cleaning machine

The CRB cleaning machine can go a long way in making carpet and hard floor cleaning easier. Your life as a cleaner will be easier with this machine, but that’s only if you take care of it.

We have shown you ways to maintain your CRB and how to properly use it. Now we will tell you all the things we recommend you NOT to do with this machine.

It can be easy to try and push the machine to the limit early. However, it is to your best benefit to work with the machine within its capabilities. Accidents and machine malfunctions do happen, but these tips will keep your machine healthy and running.

Rugs and rags

Rugs can be a great decoration for a living room, dining room. bathroom. and many other household areas. However, when it comes to cleaning it can be a bit of a drag.

Rugs are great for preventing damage to the carpet, but if not removed or handled properly, it can cause damage to the CRB cleaning machine. Rags can do the same thing if left out on the carpet or hard floor after cleaning.

You must NOT run over a rug or rag and let it get sucked up within the brushes of the CRB cleaning machine. This will cause a high amount of friction within the machine.

The high friction and pressure from the rugs or rags can cause the machine to break immediately. You must be aware of your surroundings with the machine to ensure you don’t run over anything it isn’t supposed to.

Avoid running over chords!

You may find it okay to run over a chord with a normal vacuum or other machine. However, with the CRB cleaning machine this is NOT the case.

Chords can cause serious damage to your machine if you are not careful. You can easily miss a chord at times while using the machine and this can be detrimental.

If a chord gets sucked up into the machine and the brushes, this can cause high pressure and friction. After this, it can cause an immediate break.

Avoiding chords is a simple and easy thing to do that will prolong the life of your machine. DO NOT take the risk of running over the chord just to save a few seconds.

Conserve Brushes

The brushes are not meant to have too much pressure on them from the machine. You want to make sure that you don’t leave the machine sitting on its brushes for more than 60 seconds.

If the brushes have too much pressure for more than 60 seconds then this could warp the machine. Thus, you may experience the machine bouncing around. This will cause lots of friction and make it hard on the gears.

The friction and the pressure from this can cause a quick break in the gears. It can even happen immediately after starting the machine. You will also want to slightly tilt the machine off the ground when starting the machine. This will get the brushes spinning and ready for a thick carpet. Not doing so will cause pressure and could lead to a break.

This makes it important to ensure you don’t carelessly leave the machine on its brushes. Brushes are an important part of the cleaning process with the CRB cleaning machine so proper maintenance is important.

Using the right brush on the right carpet is also important. Otherwise, it can cause added friction.

In addition, you will need to clean the brush cover after using it. You will have problems if you don’t clean it because the film forming chemicals used during cleans can cause thick layers to form. This makes it harder for the brushes to spin causing more friction and pressure, which can lead to an early gear break.


You will get the most out of your CRB cleaning machine when you follow these tips. It is a great machine with many benefits and when used properly, can last a long time and be very durable.

Be sure to check out our post about CRB machine maintenance to get a complete rundown of the best way to utilize a CRB machine.

As always, for support and any questions you have about CRB cleaning, head on over to our Facebook group where over 400 CRB users discuss their experiences!

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