Saving money with your CRB machine

When opening a carpet business your goal is to make money and serve your clients.There’s no better way to do that than with your CRB machine. CRB low moisture cleaning is a great way to save money compared to other methods in the carpet and hard floor cleaning industry.

In the carpet cleaning business, cleaners work to please their clients and give them the best quality work. They can do this and give themselves the chance to make more money along the way.

Efficiency plays a huge role in the ability to save money and execute as many jobs as possible. In the following post, we will give you the five best tips to save money using the CRB machine.

Low Moisture Efficiency

You can use a low moisture CRB machine in so many different ways that can be helpful to you. One of those benefits is the fact that the machine doesn’t use much water. What does this mean?

It means faster drying times and faster turnover, which can lead to more jobs in a day. Of course, more jobs then leads to more money as well.

This is particularly beneficial when working within the hospitality industries. If you are cleaning a hotel, retirement homes, office building, or a school these are all places that require their carpets to be dried quickly.

They will see how quickly the CRB cleans after encap and this will lead to more future jobs. Compared to hot water extraction where it can take hours upon hours to dry, this will become quite appealing.

Thus, this can and will lead to more jobs, and of course more jobs leads to more money and everybody likes to have more money!

Pile Lifting

When working with carpet cleaning, some cleaners will have an entirely different machine to use for pile lifting at the end of the cleaning process. With the CRB machine, it allows you to do this all within one machine.

This of course saves you money by not having to purchase, and maintain another machine. Also, this saves you time allowing you to take on more jobs.

This works as well even if you do use hot water extraction instead of low moisture cleaning. Either way the CRB machine can be beneficial for both methods.

This is especially true because of the material some of the carpets are being made with these days. You will see carpet made from polyester for example which can make it tough to extract and do a good pile lift.


Lots of cleaners will use a regular vacuum to pre-vacuum before performing the deep clean of the carpet. With the CRB machine, you can have the option of using the machine to vacuum.

This is a great way to save a bit of cash by not needing to shell out all the extra money for a top of the line vacuum and it’s maintenance. The CRB machine vacuum does a great job.

The CRB machine vacuum has the ability to dig deep and lift more of the pile and debris. This allows for a much deeper vacuum of the clean before beginning the deep cleaning process.

In addition, this can impress your clients as well because you can show them the additional debris lifted from the carpet. This can save you money, and impress your clients to give you more jobs.

Pre-Agitation for Hot Water Extraction

This is done after you pre-spray the carpets on your job. It will then need to be pre-agitated for the next step and nothing does a more efficient job than your CRB machine.

There are a lot of different machines that can be used for pre-agitation, but the CRB includes it among its many other uses. This makes it quite the efficient machine and a money saver.

It does an excellent job because the machine is a counter-rotating brush machine. This sends the brushes both ways allowing you to maximize the agitation and dig deeper than what some other machines cannot reach.

This allows you to save more money because you don’t have to purchase and keep up maintenance with another machine. Also, this will impress your customers because you will be able to knock out the pre-vacuum and pre-agitation with the same machine producing the same result.

Time Management

Arguably the biggest way that the CRB machine can save you money is the efficiency in time management it can save. The CRB machine is easily portable, efficient, has low drying times, and capable of doing multiple different aspects of the carpet and hard floor cleaning process.

It certainly helps to get more jobs when you have a machine that is quicker and faster than the alternative of hot water extraction or even steam cleaning. Cleaning carpets and jobs is the way you make money, and time is of the essence.

You will be able to optimize your jobs efficiently with the CRB machine being able to take on jobs at schools, hotels, business offices, and other commercial jobs where the money is at. This will allow you take on more jobs, impress your clients, retain jobs, and most importantly, make more money!


There is a reason that the CRB machine is often touted as a money making machine. This is because of the multi-uses and time efficiency outlined in the content above.

In a carpet cleaning business, or any business in general for that matter, the goal is to make money for your company. In addition to providing top of the line services to your clients. The CRB machine will go a long way in helping you to do that.

You can be very productive with the CRB machine and it can aide your carpet cleaning business. Whether you choose to use the CRB for low moisture cleaning, or as an accessory to hot water extraction, it will help you make money.

You can find a community of CRB users in our Facebook group offering advice and answering questions about the CRB. For more information, check out the rest of our blog content!

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