Residential vs. Commercial carpet cleaning

It’s a common question in the carpet cleaning world and can sometimes have a confusing answer. What is the difference between residential vs. commercial carpet cleaning?

Many carpet manufacturers offer both residential and commercial carpet options. This of course means carpet cleaners need to know how to properly clean both residential and commercial carpets.

This way we can ensure to our customers that they are satisfied with the results. The key of course is to determine what exactly is the difference between residential vs. commercial carpet cleaning.

We will tell you all the differences and the best way to clean each one in the following blog post.

Residential Carpet

One of the biggest differences between residential vs. commercial carpet cleaning starts with the color and style of the carpet. Residential carpets are generally a lighter color and also offer more of a loose loop design and a taller pile.

In addition, the lighter color presents more of a lighter feel and offers more of a comfort. This makes it perfect for homes and apartments. Residential carpets are also going to be softer and have more cushion underneath.

This is of course is due to the desire of wanting to feel comfortable without your shoes on at home. In addition, the softer feeling and more cushion will help if the young or elderly would have any falls. This plush and comfort feeling makes it a much more attractive looking and desirable carpet for people to want to come home to.

The carpet will also be better at reducing noise and sound, which is important for families at home. This carpet will come with more options as it is designed to have more style and flair.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpets are designed differently and provide different benefits than the residential carpets. These carpets are designed to withstand more foot traffic and to be more durable than the residential carpets. The carpets also won’t look as plush as residential carpets as they are made to look less worn after heavy use.

Commercial carpets are more dense and thick because of this. The color will also more often than not be dark in order to protect itself from stains and the heavy traffic. However, this has been changing as businesses have been working to make their offices more homely and have thus been using more appealing carpets.

In addition, because of this the commercial carpet is obviously best suited for office buildings, recreation centers, and other places where you can expect many people to walk through on a daily basis.


Now that you know the difference between both the residential and commercial carpets, it’s time to talk about how to clean them. This is an important part as it can make a difference as to how long the carpets last.

You should make vacuuming a priority for both types of carpets. You will need to put more time into the commercial carpets as they see much more traffic than residential carpets.

People need to vacuum residential areas an average of once per week while the commercial carpets would benefit from a vacuum on an almost daily basis. Vacuuming is a good way to keep your carpets cleaned. Of course a deep clean is still needed for both.

Deep cleaning for residential carpets is recommended to be cleaned once per yer depending on the household. Meanwhile, commercial carpets need to be cleaned at least on a semi-annually basis and maybe even on a quarterly basis depending on how much traffic the carpet sees.

A great way to deep clean your carpets is using a CRB and the low moisture cleaning process. You can also steam clean or use hot water extraction to clean the carpets. However, by using low moisture cleaning you avoid having to soak your carpet with water, which can have negative effects in the long run.

Using eco-friendly products will also help conserve the environment. You can minimize your risk of applying too much soap to your carpet as well by using low moisture cleaning.

Another good way to ensure your carpet will last awhile is proper carpet installation. In this case, it might be worth to have it be professionally installed to make sure it is done right.


Overall, cleaning either residential or commercial carpets on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining the health of the carpet. You should be sure to understand what carpet you are dealing with to ensure a proper clean.

Of course, a good portion of your jobs will be of the commercial carpet variety at schools and offices. Thus, preparing for a deep commercial carpet clean is important to satisfy your customers!

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