Using CRB Cleaning Chemicals

The CRB low moisture cleaning process wouldn’t be complete without the CRB cleaning chemicals. Our line of chemicals represents a best in class chemical supply line available on the low moisture cleaning market. Thus, our chemical line pairs perfectly with our CRB machines.

We offer five different chemicals that pair with our CRB machines to make for a smooth and efficient cleaning process. The following chemicals can be used in different situations and areas to ensure all phases of low moisture cleaning are covered.

Our chemistry line includes our Ultra Pro-Encapsulation and Pre-spray, Ultra Pro Enzyme-Spotter, Ultra Pro Beverage Spotter RTU, Ultra Pro Organic Compound, and our General Spotter.

We want to help you use these chemicals to the best of their abilities. This will ensure you use these with the best efficiency possible to please your clients and get great results.

Below is a description of all the best ways to use our chemical products.

Ultra Pro Encapsulation & Pre-Spray

The chemical that stands out on our CRB cleaning chemicals line is our Ultra Pro Encapsulation & Pre-Spray. It is a low moisture spray that is mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

It’s what we highly recommend to use to clean carpets for efficient and fast drying times. It is an organic form of cleaning. Also, it is CRI certified as well ensuring it fits our mission to be environmentally friendly.

Our encap spray is used at various points of the cleaning. We have various dilution rates with the encap that depends on what stage of the cleaning you’re at.

The dilution rates for our encap are:

  • Pre-spray: 
    • Medium soil…..4-6 oz. per gallon water
    • Heavy soil…….10-12 oz.  per gallon water
  • Extraction: Dilute …………2-3 oz. per gallon water
  •  Spot Cleaning: Dilute…………..32 oz. per gallon water
  • Low Moisture: 
    • Medium soil…..6-10 oz. per gallon water
    • Heavy soil……10-14 oz. per gallon water
    • Extreme soil…14-20 oz. per gallon water
  •  Rinse Aid: If a previously cleaned carpet has a sticky residue, pre-spray mixed at 2 oz. per gallon of water in extractor tank

Our encap also leaves no residue or peroxide and provides a nice floral/lavender smell. Therefore, it leaves no residue in the carpets giving the carpet a longer life.

In addition, it comes with a milky white appearance and has a shelf life of 6 months, but it is recommended to let it breathe.

Ultra pro-enzyme spotter

We offer an ultra pro-enzyme spotter that is ready to use (RTU) and is a non-concentrate. It is a multi-purpose biological digester/odor counteractant. The enzyme spotter is best used to remove urine, food protein, dairy, bodily fluids and vomit.

The pH levels vary from 7-8 offering a spice fragrance and a white appearance in color. The shelf life on the enzyme spotter is up to 12 months.

How to use: The pro-enzyme spotter is great when working with heavily soiled areas. You can remove the filth first and apply the spotter to the area and make it about twice the size of the stain. After that, use a spotting brush to work the spotter in the area waiting for at least two minutes.

Blot or extract the area to get rid of the visible stains. For urine or other foul odors, re-apply the Enzyme Spotter to the area, work in with the spotting brush, and allow to air dry. If possible, cover the area with a moist white towel for several hours.

This is the best way to use our spotter and will give you the results that you are looking for.

Ultra Pro General spotter

Our general spotter is RTU and shows a light blue green color with a pH level of 9.8. The general spotter has a shelf life of 12 months without any residue and has a fresh fragrance.

How to use: It’s a versatile spot and stain remover for a wide variety of spots and stains. In addition, it can be used on greasy traffic smudges, shoe polish, India ink, fruit juices, various greasy and oily stains, miscellaneous stains, as well as many common spots that occur on commercial and residential carpeting.

Our general spotter is one of our most versatile and effective chemicals for spot and stain removers.

Ultra pro beverage spotter

Our spotter is designed to specifically remove beverage stains using a perfect mix of chemicals for an effective clean. Also, like with most of our CRB cleaning chemicals, it is RTU. The beverage spotter is an all-purpose peroxide spotter, deodorizer, and can be used on all safe water surfaces.

It works well on olefin, nylon, and wool carpets. DO NOT USE on marble or sensitive surfaces. The beverage spotter is a light orange color with a citrus fragrance with a pH level of 3-4. It has a bit of peroxide in it and has a shelf life of 6 months.

How to use: Do not dilute. Apply Beverage Spotter RTU to stain area. Use a spotting brush or bone scraper to gently work the spotter into the stain area. Wait at least 2 minutes, then blot with a white towel or extract the loosened stain out of the carpet. Do not over-saturate. Dry area as quickly as possible.

*Always test an inconspicuous spot before using on upholstery.

The spotter is best used to remove coffee, tea, cola, sports drinks, beer, wine, and fruit juice among others. ​

Ultra pro organic dry compound

The organic dry compound is one of our best CRB cleaning chemicals when dealing with heavy traffic lanes and stains. The dry compound is at its best when working in conjunction with the Ultra Pro Encap 2-1 Pre-Spray.

In addition, it is an organic compound made from recycled materials that meets the EPA/DfE standards and provides cleaners with the ability to deep clean carpets with a dry time of 40 minutes or less.

It is a yellowish color but will turn to black to show that it has absorbed the dirt. Also, it has a citrus fragrance and can be used on carpet, hard and wood floors.

This chemical paired with the Pro Encap is one of the best chemicals you can use when handling heavy traffic lanes and stains to maintain not just carpet, but hard and wood floor cleanliness.


We have a complete line of CRB cleaning chemicals that compliment our CRB machine and brushes. Our chemicals are proven to be effective and we are fully confident you will have great results!

The chemicals offer a wide range of cleaning including with beverages, high traffic, and heavily soiled areas. You will find a chemical that will best do the job, while most importantly satisfying your clients!

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