Polymers in Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

We are going to get very technical in the following blog post. We hope to make the process of polymers in encapsulation carpet cleaning much more clear.

Polymers in encapsulation are what fuels the encapsulation process and is the engine that makes it go. Polymer has seen a rapid growth in its technology, which has been great for low moisture carpet cleaning.

In addition, CRB cleaning in general has seen a big growth in low moisture technology, which is great for the future of low-moisture cleaning. This also helps with being eco-friendly in helping to preserve our world.

How it Works

The main job of the polymers is to surround and encapsulate the soil. It is applied evenly to the carpet. Once you have finished the application, you will use a counter rotating brush machine to agitate the encapsulation product into the carpet. You have now began to clean.

Once you have finished, the encapsulation product begins to dry and crystallize. The dirt and soil is held in suspension by microscopic crystals which will then be recovered by post vacuuming and/or renovator trays from a TM4 or TM5 CRB machine.

Polymer is what makes all of the encapsulation carpet cleaning possible. Without it the encap and soil recovery process will be damaged. Polymer is key to capture the soil to allow it to be extracted during the vacuuming process.

All of this sets the stage for the next part of the process of encap.

Post Recovery and Vacuuming 

Post recovery via collection with renovator trays from the CRB machine and a vacuum are a crucial part to the encap process.

The polymers, however, can do great things to the carpet fibers and doesn’t need a perfect vacuum job. The polymers will still attract and capture soil. This then makes it easy to extract later.

If you vacuum immediately after it has dried or inform your customer to continue with their daily household vacuuming that same week, you will get a brighter and faster result for the cleaned carpet. However, if you don’t vacuum, the soils can still be extracted easily, it will just take more time.

When you vacuum or use the CRB machine, it shatters the crystals and sucks it away. Each time you vacuum, it removes more and more encapped soil. The encapsulation product found here, does not leave a sticky residue. This means that it will not build up layer upon layer over time. It also will ensure your carpet stays cleaner longer.

Benefits of Using Polymers and Encapsulation

There is a lot of evidence surrounding a negative change in our environment on Earth. Whether it is true or not, it’s important we do our part to help preserve the Earth.

We are able to contribute through the use of low moisture cleaning with the encapsulation carpet cleaning process. The polymer simply allows for the dirt and soil to be vacuumed up saving water and energy.

You can prevent the use of gasoline by using encapsulation and avoid constant use of truck mount hot water extraction. This saves the burning of gas and thousands of gallons of water being used per year.

It allows for faster dry times, which means a reduced possibility that mold or bacteria will grow. This will benefit people and the environment from the harmful substance. 

Polymers in Conclusion

Polymers play a significant role in the overall process of low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning. The science wouldn’t be there without polymers, and the eco-friendly process of low moisture cleaning would be pushing to exist. 

The use of polymers in encapsulation has helped change the world of carpet cleaning for the better. In today’s carpet cleaning world, it is now possible to use a low moisture CRB only method for 98% of the carpet cleaning jobs.

You can reduce your overhead costs, and increase your margins with a good solid encap along with spotters and organic compound. The science will only continue to get better in low moisture cleaning. It is the way of the future.

Here at CRB Cleaning Systems, we are excited for that change and will continue to educate on the process of low moisture eco-friendly cleaning.

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