CRB Machine Price Change 

Here at CRB Cleaning Systems, we are spending our energy and resources to help owners of carpet cleaning businesses find high quality products at affordable prices. That is why we have lowered the retail for our CRB machine price to reflect our values for the carpet cleaners.

We all know how much time it takes and how difficult it can be to begin and keep a successful carpet cleaning business. It’s a business that is needed and has plenty of demand, however, it can be a lot of work.

The unknown of weather, the economy and hassle of finding the best products are challenges for all carpet cleaners to consider.

CRB Cleaning Systems will be dropping the retail price of the CRB TM4 15 inch machine to just $1,699 across all distribution partners.

Putting Carpet Cleaners First

When we made the decision to re-brand our company image we wanted to put the carpet cleaners first in educating them with quality and informational content. This includes content about our products and the cleaning business, in addition to tips for the general public about cleaning carpets and hard surfaces.

We needed to commit ourselves 100 percent to help the hard working people of this industry. Therefore, we have dropped our CRB machine price, while maintaining high quality and making it affordable to everyone.

We support small businesses and know the challenges that come with being a small business owner. Every day we work to improve the performance and quality of our stainless steel and aluminum build CRB machines.

In addition, we offer a full warranty because we stand behind our product 100%. This includes a 30 day money back guarantee from any of our channels. Also, world class customer service and a company that truly helps you grow your business through experience.

Going Forward

Our goal is to continue to produce quality educational content in the carpet cleaning industry. We want to be the trusted source for CRB low moisture cleaning. In addition, helping carpet cleaners across the world be successful is a mission of ours.

We hope our confidence in our new CRB machine price structure reflects our goal to help the community of cleaners.

Furthermore, we continue to add different resources for people to use within the industry. We have created a Facebook group  for CRB low moisture cleaning and invite everyone who reads this to join. A page that allows people from across the industry to share tips, resources, and educational content. These tips will allow the cleaning community to improve their business using CRB machines.

Our blog posts will continue and we will be writing content that will be useful for all industry cleaners. Above all, we are here to help and will always accept topics from our audiences upon request.

We appreciate the support and are confident these changes to our CRB machine price and content will grow the industry.


CRB Cleaning Systems Team

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