Changes & Improvements To Our CRB Cleaning Machine

We wanted to take this opportunity to inform everyone of the most recent upgrades to our CRB cleaning machine that happened over the Holiday season of 2018.

We deeply care for our customers and spend night and day to ensure that the quality of our machine constantly improves with each batch.

Below you can read about the three most important changes to our CRB cleaning machines.

Gear configuration

This is by far the most important upgrade to our CRB cleaning machine. The previous versions you had to disassemble the whole machine and as a result, it was a difficult process. Now all you have to do is pop off the gear cover, remove the allen screws, remove the old gear, and put the new one on.

(Blue arrows pointing to new gears and allen screws making it much easier to replace old gears)

Stainless Steel Axle Rods

This change was made to add extra weight for better agitation and to prevent gears from breaking too fast. The old aluminum rods bent too easily causing extra friction and pressure that would break the gears. The changes to the CRB cleaning machine rods brings more durability to our gears when dealing with agitation. See the photos below.


Rubber Bumpers

The new rubber bumpers on our CRB cleaning machines provide better protection and are screwed on. The previous ones had problems and weren’t very secure, which led them to fall off easily. Therefore, with this change they are more secure and provide great protection.

(New look rubber bumpers pointed at by the blue arrow)

Overall Changes

With these implemented improvements, you will see a significant performance increase, while seeing reduced downtimes when it comes to repairs. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase of our new machine. 

Furthermore, do not forget our new official MSRP price for the CRB cleaning TM4 15” machine of $1,699.00. We are able to make this machine affordable to a larger group of companies and help scale quicker. No one can match our price and our customer service is world class.

If you haven’t already, check out our new Facebook group giving you access to a community of CRB cleaning low moisture machine users!

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