Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Clean From Pets

Animals are a special part of our lives and play a big role in our happiness, but they can be a bit dirty at times. Keeping your carpets clean from pets can go a long way in your relationship with them. Owners will always love all that a pet will bring, however, they still have their moments when they’re disliked especially when they have an accident. Also, when they’re just their natural dirty selves at times, specifically dogs.

Pets can bring you all the nuisances in the world, but you still love and want them in your life. That’s why it is important to know how to keep your carpet and hard surfaces clean.

Pets can build up hair in your carpet, track dirt in the house, chew up your carpet, urinate or poop, or a pet’s smell can also lead to problems. The good news is having a pet has been shown to make you happy and healthy. The bad news is it can not be so great for your home.

Here are some tips for keeping your carpets clean from pets.

Wipe The Paws of Your Pets

This is a simple and easy way to help keep your carpet and hard surface floors clean. This rings true if you have dogs because they will be outside on a normal basis.

If you have a towel close to the door this can help in a big way. The 30 seconds it will take to wipe the paws of your dog will help save your carpet and hard surface in the long run. It will help prevent stains and dirt from being stuck into the carpet.

This can be a little more tough if you have an outdoor cat, but you can try and apply the same rules. All of this will go a long way in learning how to keep your carpets clean from pets.

Buy a Dog Bed

You can buy your dog a bed and not only will your dog love it, but it will help maintain the cleanliness of your carpet or floor. This will go far in keeping your carpets clean from your pets. The trick is to make sure you are buying a dog bed that is easy to clean.

It can be tempting to buy a fancy bed. However, the best will be a bed that is water resistant and easy to wipe down. You can make sure it is comfortable as well so you get those bonus points from your dog.

Wipe down your bed and let it air out under the sun to maintain smell and cleanliness.

Use an Area Rug

Area rugs can be life savers when it comes to carpet cleaning. The rugs are a great way to add some flair to your home as well. The rug should be placed in a high traffic area for your pet where it may spend most of its time.

Dog beds will be great as well, but your dog/cat won’t spend all of its time there. It’s important that you have an easy to wash rug in case your pet has an accident. Whether it’s your dog that isn’t quite trained, or your cat is upset with you, it will be nice to have a rug to help protect your carpet or hard surface floors.

Your pet will want to spend a large amount of time on the rug as well. This will help keep their hairs out of your fiber of the carpet or all over the hard surface.

Keep Your Pet Clean

Your pet will shed hair and transfer dirt to your carpet and floor if it is not cleaned regularly. You should clean your pet regularly, but with shampoo isn’t always necessary. A quick rinse will make your pet cleaner without dirt.

Your pet will shed less hair and leave behind less dirt into your carpet and floors. Also, make sure your pet continues to have short nails. When nails are regularly cut there is less of it to get lost in your home.

The cleanliness of your pet will go a long way in limiting long term damage to your carpet.

Clean Up Accidents Quickly

A pet stain and accident is going to happen despite all of your efforts to prevent it. When the accident occurs it’s important to react quickly to prevent a long term stain.

An eco-friendly and dog friendly chemical will work best for the stain and the health of your pet and yourself. A perfect product that cleans stains well is the CRB Cleaning Systems Enzyme Spotter.

The stain will soil and can ruin your carpet or floor if it isn’t cleaned quickly. It’s crucial to act fast to keep your carpets clean from pets in order to prevent the long term damage of your carpet and hard surface floor. 

What Happens if There is an Accident?

When the accident occurs speed will be the most important. The stain will soak and stay into the carpet deeper the longer that you wait.

You can apply the CRB Cleaning Systems Enzyme Spotter to the stain that covers about double the size. Then you should use a spotter brush to gently work the spotter into the area and let it sit for two minutes. Next you will blot or extract the area to remove stains.

The enzyme will be re-applied and worked in with the spotting brush. Let it air dry and if possible cover with a white dry towel for two hours.

This should help remove the urine from the carpet.

Do a Regular Carpet Cleaning or Hard Surface Cleaning

The homeowner should do a regular carpet cleaning 2-3 times a year to make sure the carpet and hard surface is taken care of. Those tough stains can be the most difficult to may often come from stains.

CRB Cleaning Systems recommends the use of low moisture CRB Machines for carpet cleaning and hard surfaces. The quick drying time and fast cleaning process using safe and eco-friendly chemicals are a perfect method for homeowners with pets.

If you do regular carpet cleaning you will limit the problems you have with your pets and keep your home clean. Pets are a lovely addition to any family, and shouldn’t have to come with negatives. Follow these tips and you will be able to keep your carpets clean from pets and it will be looking pristine and perfect with your furry friends.

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