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Low-moisture CRB machines are becoming more and more popular in the carpet and hard surface cleaning industry. The machines have proven their value, but there is still much to learn about the machines.

Here at CRB Cleaning Systems, we have two types of CRB (Counter-Rotating Brush) machines. The most popular of our two CRB carpet and hard floor cleaning machines is the TM4 15-inch. We also manufacture a TM5 20-inch machine. Cleaners prefer the 15” due to the versatility in small and large areas.

All of our machines are low-moisture and clean carpet and hard surfaces which ensures our line is one of the most environmentally friendly ones on the market. Our goal is to produce the best results in the carpet and hard surface cleaning world, while preserving our Earth.

TM4 15-Inch CRB Cleaning Machine

The TM4 15-Inch is one of the most sustainable, versatile and affordable machines available. Also, it can be used in tandem with another TM4 machine to double the production.

The TM4 is able to clean with more than one method such as encapsulation, hard surfaces (wood, tile and grout, profiled floors, pool decks etc), agitation for hot water extraction, pile lifting/removal of pet hair, and of course, dry organic compound cleaning. It is an easy to start machine and is much more quiet than other types of cleaning machines. The TM4 has aluminum dust covers to prevent chemicals from entering as it is sprayed onto walls while agitating. It also has a transport trolley to make moving your machine from one place to the other easier.

Also, the TM4 and TM5 are very versatile with 7-in-1 uses in just the one machine. Our machines can do all of the following:

7-In-1 Features TM4/5

    • Pile Lifting: Maintains a fresh look for the carpet as the CRB machine reaches deep into the carpet to reach the fibers and lift them to perfection.
    • Hard Surface Cleaning: Cleans hard floors including tile and grout, natural stones, wood, profiled floors, anti slip floors, pool decks with our splash proof TM4/5.
    • Encapsulation Cleaning: The peroxide based encapsulator works great on organic stains and pops the colors of the carpet back to life. Pair this with your compound for deep cleans or alone for maintenance cleans.
    • Compound Cleaning: Uses our encap and general stain remover with the dry organic compound to provide a deep extraction cleaning. It has a fast drying time that is under one hour and achieves great results.
    • No-Vac Technology: If you don’t have a vacuum handy, do not fret, our machine picks up the soil and dirt which proves more effective than most commercial vacuum cleaners.
    • Agitation For Hot Water Extraction: You can save time using the CRB machine as an agitator/scrubber in the HWE process.
    • Tandem: Connect two CRB machines together to be even more efficient in your cleaning width and save even more time.

It cleans up to 7,500 square feet an hour with light soil, 4,225 square feet in medium soil, and 2,746 feet in heavy soil.

The TM4 is a can´t beat option for any company looking to produce great results, have higher margins, make customers happy, and make an impact on helping the Earth.

TM5 20-Inch CRB Cleaning Machine

You want to increase productivity even more? The TM5 20-inch is a bigger width low-moisture machine that has all of the benefits of the TM4.

The TM5 is the perfect CRB cleaning machine for larger homes, showrooms, open areas and commercial jobs. The increased width of the machine can speed up the cleaning process, and produce great results.

Just like the TM4, you can also use the TM5 machines in a tandem. This provides you the chance to really add to the ground you can cover with the carpet and hard surface cleaning.

The machine is exactly like the TM4 15-inch and has the 7-in-1 uses listed above. Also, it cleans non-stop for up to 24 hours.

For the extra five inches, it only adds 6 more pounds to the machine in comparison to the TM4. The TM5 is the perfect option if you are a commercial cleaner or will take on big carpet/floor cleaning projects.


Our machines will clean your carpets and hard surfaces to provide great results that are best in its class. The multiple uses of the TM4 and the range of covering large areas quickly with the TM5 make both machines the best option to satisfy your needs.

The change to low-moisture/dry-cleaning is quickly taking the carpet and hard surface cleaning world by storm. The future of cleaning is with low-moisture and in the CRB machines.

With all our machines, we also provide types of brushes with different levels of stiffness for prime cleaning depending on the situation and type of carpet. These brushes give you the chance to best optimize your CRB machine for the best results. We will make a post talking about all of our types of brushes and their uses in the future. 

CRB Cleaning Systems wants to make sure you have access to the best content about CRB machines on the market. This content will show that this product earns you more money, provides better cleaning results faster, while you remain eco-friendly. 

Any questions or concerns? Write a comment below and let the discussion begin about low moisture cleaning. Like our pages on Facebook and LinkedIn for up-to-date content in the carpet and hard floor cleaning industry.

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