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CRB Cleaning Systems manufactures the most versatile,  eco-friendly and industrial built low moisture carpet and hard surface cleaning system.

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Our Company

We pride ourselves on high quality, reliable and eco-friendly products at a consumer-friendly cost while helping to conserve the environment.


Average Costs Savings

CRB equipment uses a low moisture method that significantly reduces the use of water by 85 – 90% compared to the traditional wet method.


Reduced Water Consumption

CRB Cleaning Systems guarantees efficient carpet and hard surface cleaning solutions to all our customers with our state of the art CRB machinery and chemistry providing our clients with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Cleaning machines and Products

CRB Cleaning Systems provides you with the best built and affordable low moisture counter rotating brush (CRB) machines on the planet. Implement the most versatile machine available on the market into your business and watch how quick you begin to scale, increase cash flow, conserve the environment, and save time and money.


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