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CRB Cleaning Systems provides one of the industry’s top low moisture cleaning lines. Our products have been formulated to specifically be used with CRB equipment. Our product line has also found success with other methods of cleaning. The peroxide encapsulation is CRI certified and our spotters and compound meet DfE Standards.

Ultra Pro – Encapsulation & Pre-Spray

Low moisture with hydrogen peroxide

Best For:  Use to clean carpet for fast dry time. CRI.

Ultra Pro – Enzyme Spotter

Multi-purpose biological digester / odor counteractant

Do not dilute. For heavily soiled areas, remove gross filth first. Apply Enzyme Spotter to an areas about twice as large as the visible stain. Use a spotting brush to gently work spotter into the area and wait at least 2 minutes. Blot or extract area to remove visible stains. For urine or other foul odors, re-apply the Enzyme Spotter to the area, work in with the spotting brush, and allow to air dry. If possible, cover the area with a moist white towel for several hours.

Best For: Use to remove urine, food protein, dairy, bodily fluid, vomit.

Ultra Pro – Beverage Spotter RTU

Ready-to-use all purpose peroxide cleaner.

Do not dilute. Apply Beverage Spotter RTU to stain area. Use a spotting brush or bone scraper to gently work the spotter into the stain area. Wait at least 2 minutes, then blot with a white towel or extract the loosened stain out of the carpet. Do not over-saturate. Dry area as quickly as possible. *Always test an inconspicuous spot before using on upholstery.

Best For: Use to remove coffee, tea, cola, soda, sports drinks, beer, wine, fruit juice.

Ultra Pro Organic Dry Compound

An organic compound made from recycled materials meets the EPA/DfE standards and provides cleaners with the ability to deep clean carpets with dry time in 40 minutes or less. It is recommended for use on heavy traffic lanes and stains. For the most effective results, use in conjunction with the Ultra Pro Encap 2 n 1 Pre-Spray

Best For: Recommended for use on heavy traffic lanes and stains

Usage Instructions:   For the most effective results, use in conjunction with the Ultra Pro Encap 2 n 1 Pre Spray

General Spotter

A versatile spot and stain remover for a wide variety of spots and stains. It can be used on greasy traffic smudges, shoe polish, India ink, fruit juices, various greasy and oily stains, miscellaneous stains and many common spots that occur on commercial and residential carpeting.

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